Mar. 14th, 2016

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Gig economy for everything, including-especially teaching at universities! It always works out well.

True story: when I was at IU, there was no course for CS undergraduates to study natural language processing. At all. Because they really care about the students.

They let me teach one, and paid me a miniscule bit more for the zillion extra hours of work, and provided basically no oversight or guidance.

Great excerpt from the essay:
"""... we need to highlight a crucial distinction that comments like Bogost’s either neglect or willfully obscure: there is a fundamental difference between the expression of frustrated professional aspirations and the criticism of an exploitative system of labour. Yes, Quit Lit might contain a lot of the former; but it emerges predominantly from the latter. The two are without doubt intertwined in complex ways, but the problem with responses like Bogost’s is that they treat Quit Lit solely as the whining of wannabe intellectuals who simply can’t hack it in the elite world of tenured academia. In doing so, they absolve tenured professors from having to confront the systemic exploitation of part-time labour from which these professors benefit on a daily basis.

... In other words, he is caught up in a system where he has a direct incentive to graduate more PhDs—not so they can become tenured professors, but precisely so they can become poorly paid part-timers."""


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