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One thing I'm pumped about is small children. This is especially salient, because, y'know, we're going to have one on hand soon.

Two interesting interactions with small children recently.

- We went to go look at a daycare today, for, y'know, our upcoming small child. And the daycare looks like a super nice situation for small children; really chill, with tiny little chairs for them to sit on (once they can sit up!), and for kids who go to the day care for a long time, they stick with the same kids and the same teachers for as long as they're there.

So we're checking out the area for the youngest kids, and a tiny little child come crawling over to me, super interested. I crouch down and look at the kid, and they offer their tiny little hands in a very clear "please hold my hands" gesture. So I hold up my two hands, index fingers up, and the kid hefts themselves up from a crawl to standing!

This looked like a person very new to standing (even with assistance), but they handled it like a champ!

- This past Sunday, I was getting some shoes at SportsTowne Shoe Center. And I'm sitting there, trying some on. And this tiny little boy, maybe 3 years old, is climbing all over the shoe-area furniture. It's extremely adorable.

His dad was there, but this little boy looks right at me, and he's got this little ball, like a mock rubber baseball, and he gestures that he's going to toss it to me.

So he does! And I'm in a sporting goods store, playing catch with a stranger's three year old :3 He was so friendly and fearless. Just goes up to a random stranger who doesn't look like his family (they might have been... Filipino, if I had to guess?) and immediately makes friends and starts playing catch. Except that he really couldn't catch the ball yet, because small child! But he was all over trying to do it!

That's the kind of interaction I want to have with people.
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