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When your sister tells you that she's interviewing at a staffing agency, it's possible -- likely even -- that her intention is to use the staffing agency to find a job at another company. [0]

It turns out that some people have jobs that are more like "do work" than "build tools that enable other people to do work". (surprise!)

[0] NB: I suppose it depends on your sister.


Nov. 7th, 2008 08:51 pm
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A while ago, I wrote briefly about think-os, which I haven't been doing a good job of recording. And now, I give you: percept-os, or failures to properly interpret sensory data.

"My computer isn't doing anything. Why is the hard drive grinding? ..." No! That's the drums from the marching band, playing at the highschool football game down the street!

"What is that orange rectangle? Did a leaf get stuck on my eyelid or bike helmet or something?" No! That is a bus pulling into the intersection two blocks away.

Also regarding perception: MC Frontalot will be providing a kick-awesome sensory experience at Swayze's in Marietta, 5 December 2008. Who wants to come with? I don't want to drive to Marietta by myself, but his live shows have been great so far.
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What if you kept a think-o journal? Every time you had a weird cognitive mishap, you could write it down. What would you learn from your brain-farts?

I was just reading an article that Mark shared, about protesting, war, the Republican National Convention, and how the article author's sister (Monica Bicking) and her boyfriend were arrested while protesting. (the boyfriend, Eryn Trimmer, is still being held)

Oh, and the article links to a video in which a woman, holding a flower and looking terrified but very bravely meaning to stand her ground in front of a bunch of police in riot gear, is pepper-sprayed right in the face. Twice.

Oh, right! My think-o. I was trying to figure out what cognitive error I was making that had busted the world and made people insane.


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