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Graham [ profile] cola_fan and Alex [ profile] oniugnip: ultimate victorious in the Atlanta Marathon 2K6!

Finishing time: 4:18. Speedy!

It was a beautiful day, totally perfect weather. All the volunteers were super-nice, but more importantly, Lauryn [ profile] yourusername and Martin [ profile] samarin saw us off and Laura [ profile] laurapatt was waiting for us at the finish line, totally taking pictures! Aw, thanks guys :) Also, thanks to everybody else who was supportive!

We went out too fast :) We said "let's not go out too fast." We hit the first mile at a bit slower than 9-minute pace, taking our own advice... and then sped up 'til we hit the halfway point at a ridiculously too-quick 1:54. We were like "oh man, let's break 4 hours!" ... eh, you live, you learn :) And your legs seize up a bit in the process.

But still! First marathon, not bad! :)
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Marathon tomorrow morning! Graham [ profile] cola_fan has new socks, so our victory is imminent! (the last few miles, as he puts it, are going to be "faith-based")

(Hairy the bizarre balloon-like UGA bulldog is probably one of these. I like this one too)
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Today's run! Graham [ profile] cola_fan and I are feeling pretty beastly!

Apparently it was about 17.3 miles over three-ish hours, including a break for smoothies. And the pedometer site is saying that this is around 2000 calories for me (hence, my overwhelming hunger and slight nausea afterwards...)

We saw a guy out on the road who recognized what we were doing -- he ran by us once, then again an hour or two later -- and he shouted "See you on Thanksgiving!" which was really encouraging!

Marathons are a Really Long Way. I'd like to run, either next week or the one following, out to the northern endpoint of the course. I think we're good, as long as on Race Day I'm not carrying a CamelBack, stopping for traffic, and not getting handed gatorade every few miles.
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So I've been working up my mileage, running-wise. And it just hit me: less than a month left before the marathon! I know I can do it now -- my stride has improved a lot. Garrett [ profile] lomonthang had related that our friend Matt Katz [ profile] yourusername from highschool thought me pretty likely to injure myself, trying to go this far (I've been known to bounce a lot, running) but I feel a lot smoother now. So I think, this weekend, I'ma try to go out to Turner Field, which is where the race starts... and then up north to the mall or so... the course goes a bit farther north. We'll see how we feel :) But at least from Turner Field to the mall!

Also: Firefox 2. Many of you were probably already aware. Go Mozilla Guys, Go! There will be parties and there was already a cake.
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- What do my house, Centennial Olympic Park, Lenox Mall, Piedmont Park, and my house again have to do with one another, you might ask? They're the endpoints of today's run! It took about three hours -- this is heartening, because I'm going to have to run for about four, to do the marathon next month!

- On Friday night, Graham [ profile] cola_fan and I went out to Galaxy Cinemas and saw a rockin' Indian (Punjabi, particularly) movie -- Waris Shah, the inspiring tale of a slightly melodramatic Sufi poet, and the power of love. And music. And then we went with Emily [ profile] britta43 and got Korean food, hoorays!

- Saturday, Martin [ profile] samarin and I went to go see Lauren [ profile] yourusername's dance production. It was pretty happenin' too; it involves musical and dance reinterpretations of the works of this particular painter whose name I'm forgetting at the moment? Some of the dancers were younger tall, thin black guys -- which is what I aspire to be when I grow up. Younger, taller, and black. But everybody was great, and afterwards, the three of us went out for Ethiopian food, which I'd never had before but apparently involves delicious lentils! Yay legumes!


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