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We wins, hoorays! :) :)

Tonight: Portland Happy House Loop (3.7 miles).

Now it's time for the Thai food. Food with [ profile] rockstarling and [ profile] stereotype441 impending!
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Tonight: Highlands loop (4.4 miles).

One more, and we win NaRoRuMo! Tomorrow's run is going to be the one RoRu in the Mo done with a running buddy in the same place. Although I think we've found that Internet running partners can be pretty effective. (also: watch for wrap-up stats. I know how you love the numbers.)
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Tonight: out to campus and back (6.2 miles).

It's apparently cold and rainy in Portland. Some of us are having to work harder for this than others... you go, [ profile] rockstarling!

NaRoRuMo -- we're winning it! Now I just have to get all my stuff ready for being gone for a week. (sooner or later, I'ma spend a weekend in Atlanta again, I promise.)
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Tonight: the more expanded version of Highlands and Around The Park (6.5 miles).

*ambient cheerful*

All my cookies got eaten :) Largely by ATLhackers and the baristas at Octane. Also, at work, I made my program load up a lot faster. Many fewer network roundtrips, woo!
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Tonight: Highlands and around the park -- but didn't go out to Briarcliff. (5.0 miles, brisk, made a new map!).

In other fascinating news today: I can make it through "THUNDERHORSE" (y'know, the bonus song from Metalocalypse) on Guitar Hero II. On Hard. Perhaps not time well spent, but definitely satisfying. It'd be cool to learn to play tapping-style guitar like that in real life -- right after I get the double-bass-pedals down, I suppose. (the difference being that I'm working on the latter...)

Oh! And you'll be pleased to know that my name anagrams to "Crunk Deli Ax", which I think is pretty apt. *pfft!* Also "Lax, Nude Rick" and "Irk Unclad Ex". Unfortunate...
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Tonight: Highlands loop, (4.4 miles).

Just this work week left, and we win!

On the fattening side of NaRoRuMo: I made cookies. They're delicious, and you should come have some. (lest I eat them all.)

Also! This afternoon, Andrew [ profile] sault was on his way through town, and he had lunch with us at this lovely Indian restaurant out in Decatur. Always good to see him. Andrew, you're our favorite :) (at the restaurant, they play kick-awesome Indian music videos on a big projection screen, and there's delicious food. it's a win.)
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Tonight: Highlands and around the park (~ 6.5 miles).

Cool things:
- You can still give inexpensive cool laptops to children in developing countries! Give One Get One has been extended. For half the price, you can just give one, of course. I kind of want an XO, though... might be fun to play with, and it'd certainly make it easier to build software for the childrens...

- Internet Anagram Server (aka "I, Rearrangement Servant"). Lovely, lovely site, for all your anagrammatic needs -- and it's so fast! Clever database-ing on their part, surely. (sort of like that scrabblebot, still in progress...) Your name almost surely has all sorts of anagrams to it! Sadly, their dictionary does not contain the word "crunk", which falls right out of my last name...
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Again with the map-reuse! (and the being-in-Florida...)

Tonight: Three of these, plus getting there and back from Dad's house, 3.2 miles.

I'll be back in Atlanta tomorrow, fairly early. But tonight: hanging out with Garrett and Matt Katz!
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No alarm this morning, and it was raining pretty hard anyway -- so we didn't make it out to the Turkey Trot as planned.


Tonight: I staged my own tofurkey trot -- two laps around a nearby subdivision, then out to the main road and back for good measure (12.3 miles). It's nice and cool and gently drizzling here, just beautiful. I feel so good; you don't even know. Just gotta keep this up, and in February (and/or March), the marathoning is going to be pretty ridiculous...

Also! We're good to go for the stunning finale of NaRoRuMo, in which [ profile] rockstarling and I will both win -- simultaneously! (in a co-located sort of way, in Portland.)

¡Oye Graham [ profile] cola_fan! ¿Has encontrado un pavo pa comer, amigo mio?
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Tonight: loop through the Highlands, fairly gentle, with a few raindrops falling on my head (4.4 miles). Tomorrow is Race Day, so nothing too aggressive. Although it's supposed to storm tomorrow, both here and in Florida...

Hrm. Driving ahoy...
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Today: not making new maps either, for another 3.6. Last night was faster. It's not clear why, but I usually feel more comfortable on my legs at the end of the day than at the beginning -- then I've had a whole day to walk around and get warmed up and eat, I suppose. Maybe I just need to stretch out before I run in the mornings.

But I went past an older gentleman, who was sort of shuffling along in a light-blue sweatsuit over by the Flying Biscuit... and then he busted out in a jog. Niiiice.

Tonight's the Aesop Rock show!
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Tonight: the usual, woo. 3.6 miles. (but pretty frisky!)

Earlier, I had dinner with Mr. C. A. Slate [ profile] yourusername -- everybody likes 88 Tofu House! Well, maybe not everybody. So much food. So much delicious. So many tiny pickled fish...

This life thing. Hug your friends. Call your family members. Pet your cat. Eat some fruit.
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Today: Highlands, Little Five, Candler Park, Old Fourth Ward. (8.8 miles)

I set out today trying (as I've done a few times in the past) to find where Moreland runs into Dekalb Avenue, so I can run to Decatur? I always miss the intersection, somehow... it's a lot closer than I think it is. I'm going to have to find some really good landmark (alternatively, maybe you just have to believe /really hard/ that it's there). Then Chris [ profile] bitterchris will be all like "Where'd you run, boy? Decatuh?"

eta: (looking at the map a little harder -- apparently I need to turn before that big shopping center, even. At that big overpass. I'll get it right next time!)
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Today: Highlands and Candler Park. (6.5 miles)

Awesome things: So many people out running today! It was really nice out, a lot warmer than yesterday. With the occasional raindrop. Also, close to where the Freedom Parkway trail runs into Highlands, there's a dead-end street with some skateboard ramps that overlooks the trail. And there were some kids doing indy-nosebone-50-50 truckdrivers.

Less awesome: Why do people feel the need to holler obscenities out their car windows at runnerfolk and cyclists? Probably just jealous because I look so good in short shorts. Cars are kind of like the internet.
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Tonight: After rocking out with Rob [ profile] poodleface and Matt [ profile] yourusername -- the usual (3.6 miles).

Oh man. I'm going to do some extreme sleeping this weekend :) Also running, of course. And reading. So much to learn...
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Tonight: Out around Tech campus, then 'round outside the park. Seven and four fifths miles. It's beautiful out; that little bit of rain must've cleaned up the air. By the stadium, there were maybe a dozen students bundled up in jackets and earmuffs, all set up with their tents, camping for football tickets.

Oh! I forgot to mention -- a few nights ago, when I went out to Candler Park -- I found out that there's a La Fonda Latina over there! Who knew? (Brett [ profile] zip4096 probably did.) (also: empirically, they'll let you use their restroom if you're in the middle of a long run. very neighborly.)
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I got up in time to run, woo :)

Today: quick loop around the outside of the park, 3.6 miles. Possibly slightly farther because I went into the park for a little bit and then back out. Lovely with the sun coming in through the trees from that bizarre from-the-east angle I so rarely see...
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Tonight: little loop through the Highlands, 4.4 miles.

Oh! And at the beginning of next month, I'm totally going on a Business Trip, To A Conference! La sola diferencia entre yo y un adulto verdadero es que estoy escribiendo sobre el evento en un Livejournal. San Francisco ahoy. Also: yes, the name of the conference could perhaps use some work. But Acidus (aka Billy Hoffman) is presenting...
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Tonight: out to the Highlands, Candler Park, and Little Five. 8.8 miles.

(So since the beginning of the month: about 67 miles...)

- Give One Get One!: A hip-happenin' XO laptop is now available for you and your loved ones. It's the very same computer the OLPC crew is making for childrens all over the world. Funky-fresh mesh networking, super-low power consumption ("reading-mode" uses almost no battery), and you can see the screen in bright sunlight. It's all open-source, and you can easily get to the code, so we're going to hopefully accidentally bring about a generation of l337 Python programmers in the developing world. Taking orders now!

- Next week, Aesop Rock is going to be at MJQ. And so am I. You might be too, if you like!
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Tonight: just a quick spin around the block (1.2 miles) because I'm sleepy and it's cold out and I really am getting up in the morning to get myself back on the morning-run train instead of the late-night-constitutionals-express.
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